Bucket Hat

Bucket Hat Custom Designs for Memorable Summer

Bucket hat custom designs can be very fashionable! They were THE thing in the last couple runways. They do look old school, and usually, hikers come first to mind. However, with the right touch and great design, bucket hat can become a cool accessory. That’s why we encourage everyone to try out or Design Tool. You don’t have to actually go on fishing or a hiking trip to wear them. There is also a big misconception about bucket hat designs – they are not only for boys. Bucket hats for women are also paving their way firmly.

Let’s put the fashion aspect on a side for a moment. Bucket hat designs are incredibly practical. They offer full protection of your face and neck. With the right skin cream, you will be fully protected even on the hottest summer day. White bucket hat will repel the sunrays in July, while black bucket hat will gather all the much-needed warmth in April and May, after a long winter.

Bucket Hat

If you are planning a golf weekend or planning a trip with your family in crowded places, bucket hats are a must. They are perfect for spring and summer breaks, for the young group of students – partners in crime. They are also an excellent choice in crowded places, where you can spot your family member if you get separated, which, somehow, always happens.

At Hatsline you can also design a bucket hat and turn a cheap bucket hat into a gem with our Design Tool. If you see a bucket hat sale sign, that may mean that all the cool ones are gone.

So get yours, now!

As we stand firmly behind every word we say, we’ve selected a couple of designs which will turn heads as you walk by, and entice a couple of smiles.

Ladies’ Custom Bucket Hat Ideas

Ladies first, as it should always be! The best place to start picking the perfect summer outfit is right on top of your head. One thing is for sure. If you chose a bucket hat design, you will never be perceived as a binge-watching girl, even if we are all sinners in that sense.

When you browse through our designs, you will find one of a kind designs that nobody else has, just in case you were wondering if you will be authentic. Taste ventures in that personal area, so you should stick to the funny-liners.


Ladies’ Custom Bucket Hat Ideas

Ladies’ Custom Bucket Hat Ideas: Trouble

Unleash the power along the nature-girl-vibe this bucket hat already possesses. It doesn’t have to be a bucket hat with strings to make them realize that you have an Indiana Jones spirit in you. You can nod your head while you wait in your car for the red light and whisper – ”Move witch, get out the way, get out the way witch, get out the way”.


Ladies’ Custom Bucket Hat Ideas

Ladies’ Custom Bucket Hat Ideas: Grey’s Anatomy

Nothing like a good line that your bestie totally gets, because it’s like they were thinking about you two when they came up with that. Right? Mer and Christina? They did have some rough patches, but your story is much more complicated, and your best friend gets that. They might have been in a plane crash, but that summer fling from a couple of years ago you had…. Man, that was rough,…, and people don’t even know half of the story.


Ladies’ Custom Bucket Hat Ideas

Ladies’ Custom Bucket Hat Ideas: Girl Power

It’s pretty self-explanatory – we rule the world, but let’s make it cute so we don’t frighten the boys. We might need them sometimes.

Custom Bucket Hat Ideas for Gents

Are you looking for the perfect fishing bucket hat? Probably not, because fishing is more of your dad’s thing. Is there a better opportunity to surprise your dad, or grandfather than now? Golf bucket hats for men have just been upgraded by a mile, with our fresh and unique designs. These one size hats with 3” high crown, will fit all.

There are a bunch of cool bucket hats for men at Hatsline. You can pick one of our five available colors, and stay rest assured that Mid profile will give you all the comfort. If you are 100% sure that bucket hat is not your thing, then check our designs and have them as a baseball, snapback, trucker, beanies, knit or winter hats & caps.


Custom Bucket Hats for Gents

Custom Bucket Hats for Gents: Live and Let Ride

Gran Turismo live! Are you planning a road trip with your pals, or hitting the road solo? This is the best option if you have a car with an open roof. It will protect your face and neck from the sun. This is also the best option if you like to test speed limits on the open road. There is a possibility that you will cross the speed limit by a point or five on an open road. In that case, the police officer will be lenient toward your explanation because you wear a “harmless” hat (just turn it backwards in front of him).


Custom Bucket Hats for Gents

Custom Bucket Hats for Gents: Hungry Like the Wolf

Where is my food? Was I not clear five minutes ago when I said that I was hungry? This is not one of the bucket hats for men that like to eat. That would be insulting. This is a hat for people with a healthy appetite.


Custom Bucket Hats for Gents

Custom Bucket Hats for Gents: Lover

I’m confident and not afraid to show it. That’s one of the reasons why you should pick me.

Tourists, unite!

Is there a spring/summer break that you are looking forward to going to? Daytona Beach? Tour of Greek Islands? Visiting The Other City perhaps? This could be the smartest way to make your group cohesive, to make them look like one. It doesn’t matter if you are a group of bridesmaids, a family of dozen, or frat boys that passed the exams. When you are in the crowded place, you will not get lost that easily. If you walk in somewhere, everyone will be aware of your presence.

Best bucket hats are the ones that you customize for special events, parties or birthdays of your loved ones. They can turn into a unique gift and stay as a reminder of the best time you had that summer.


Tourist Bucket Hats

Tourist Bucket Hats: Boss Bro

We are not sure what are the colors of your αβµ fraternity, but our hats are available in 5 different colors: Navy, Khaki, Red, Black and White. You can always customize them, and get the exact letters of your fraternity, and even put some adult humor in a line. We all get it. Young and restless.


Tourist Bucket Hats

Tourist Bucket Hats: New York City NYC

Is there a hint of local patriotism in you? Your hat says that you are very proud of where you come from. What are your colors? What are the colors of your team? There is a World Cup coming this summer, and you better be prepared. You can put a flag of your country in the design, or go more local like NYC, NJ, LA or big C.


Tourist Bucket Hats

Tourist Bucket Hats: Love is Infinite

Worst fear of every parent is to lose their kid in a crowd. Get them a cool bucket hat, put it on their heads, and get some peace. You will easily spot them in any crowd if they stray away.

Custom Bucket Hat Designs for Kids

You might be a parent that was looking forward to a summer break more than your kid. Breakfast, a glass of juice, bike, bucket hat, sunscreen and he/she is good to go! Don’t come back until you see street light lighting up!

If your kid is older, he or she will be just fine with probably any of the designs we have to offer. But, if you are dealing with a toddler, they might be more difficult. Bucket hats for toddler boys and girls have to be catchy, funny and comfortable. Our embroidered designs will secure durability of the product and it won’t wear off.


Custom Bucket Hat Designs for Kids

Custom Bucket Hat Designs for Kids: Pirate Bucket

The safest design you can go with on custom bucket hats for boys is the pirate. Every boy likes that role. Captain Jack Sparrow probably had a lot more to do with it than Captain Hook, but the game of pirates is evergreen.


Custom Bucket Hat Designs for Kids

Custom Bucket Hat Designs for Kids: Japan Face

There are kids that just don’t stand something on their head. There is a trick to it – a magical hat! If he/she wears that one, they will become something else. They can become a funny creature, and no one will be able to recognize him/her. It will probably take a good half an hour to get the kid into this game, but you will be set for a season.


Custom Bucket Hat Designs for Kids

Custom Bucket Hat Designs for Kids: Boo

Peek-a-boo works like a charm. All you need to do is to put in a bit of enthusiasm, and the kid will adjust to the custom bucket hat. Always remember that sun is not as it used to be when we were kids. It’s not safe to go uncovered outdoor, especially for a child. Keep him or her protected and cool all the time.

Funny Bucket Hat Ideas

If you were wondering where to buy bucket hats, or where to get bucket hats, you are one click away. At Hatsline, you can turn cheap bucket hats into something completely customized with our Design Tool. In the summer, people usually choose something fashionable to wear on their heads, but those are not necessarily the most practical options. Your skin should come first! It’s the only skin you have. With that being said, it’s good to know that careful doesn’t have to be boring.


Funny Bucket Hat Ideas

Funny Bucket Hat Ideas: April Day

Normal is definitely boring, as the Cheshire Cat insinuated in numerous occasions. Who are you to say otherwise? Get along with the crazy and you will be surprised to learn normal you actually are.


Funny Bucket Hat Ideas

Funny Bucket Hat Ideas: How About No

I ain’t in the mood for questions. I’m here for the sun, and some peace and quiet. Don’t ask me questions. Don’t want to hear your jokes. Consider me offline.


Funny Bucket Hat Ideas

Funny Bucket Hat Ideas: I’d Rather Be Reading

Bucket hat can say a lot about you. You seem like an outdoorsy person ready to embrace the nature, but you might actually not be him/her? If this is the case, this line will speak your mind when you are hiking on some godforsaken hill you didn’t even want to go in the first place. Oh, the things we do for the love of others…


Funny Bucket Hat Ideas

Funny Bucket Hat Ideas: CCCP

This might not be a crowd-pleaser if you are not sure what type of a crowd you are going into. Communists are still not that welcome, because people don’t see socialism and equality for all in that word. They see Stalin and gulag. But, if you really want to draw the attention, this black bucket hat might just be it. How very brave of you comrade!

Pioneers! Oh, Custom Bucket Hats Pioneers!

Everyone has a story to tell, and, at one point in our lives, we start supporting some causes. You might be an animal lover, trying to raise awareness about certain illnesses, support your school, neighborhood or a city event. Perfect way to do that is to be a moving panel that draws attention.


Statement Bucket Hats

Statement Bucket Hats: Immigrant

Now, that’s a funny word! Unfortunately, it became scary; it got some bad energy around it lately, so you are actually reviving its original meaning, by wearing this custom bucket hat. We are all immigrants in this place we call Earth. Our lives can turn scary or happy in a blink of an eye. Therefore, smile as much as you can, aloud!


Statement Bucket Hats

Statement Bucket Hats: Adopt

People choose pets because they don’t really care how weird you are in folding your underwear, or shelving your books by color. If there is an event you are planning, or heard of, make sure that organizers check out our website for great prices and unique designs.

Summer Custom Bucket Hat Design Ideas

Lazy, warm summer – the best time to choose cool bucket hats. There is a couple of facts that you should really consider. You will be sweating a lot, really a lot. Bucket hat needs to be comfortable because you will be wearing it all day if you are outside. It has to be washable and to keep its shape. Custom bucket hat is the best option. They wash easily, they don’t itch, and they are made from natural materials.


Summer Custom Bucket Hat Design Ideas

Summer Custom Bucket Hat Design Ideas: Smile More

You are not just wearing a hat, you are giving an advice that is priceless. If we all just smiled more, this world would be even better than it is.


Summer Custom Bucket Hat Design Ideas

Summer Custom Bucket Hat Design Ideas: Not Today

We all have our days when we are not as perky and eager, or maybe you just grew up in Canada? That’s why this heat is not agreeing with you!? I get it now.


Summer Custom Bucket Hat Design Ideas

Summer Custom Bucket Hat Design Ideas: Live Wild

Wearing a custom bucket hat says a lot about you. You like nature, you like adventure, and you are the unusual creature. Live wild and tame the winds!

We hope you will find the perfect bucket hat for your family members. If you are creative, make your own bucket hat custom design with our Design Tool. At Hatsline, we will provide you with the base, and the rest is up to you. Find the best bucket hats and have a memorable summer of 2018!