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Custom Made Hats – Unique Designs for All Personality Types

Custom Made Hats can actually tell you more about the person that wears them than you know. This becomes especially obvious if there is a funny line on it. For today’s blog post, we have decided to have some fun with stereotypes, and spice your choice a little bit.

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Now, let’s go back to the ancient times when things were much simpler. Back then, they had only four boxes, and you had to fit in one of those. It was not the most perfect temperament classification, but it’s the place to start. Which personality type do you think you fit in?

SCIO TE IPSUM – or know thyself! Are you ready for the journey, and to finally admit certain things about yourself?

Four Main Temperaments  and Custom Made Hats

This theory of four temperaments can be traced back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, but it was Hippocrates, a Greek philosopher, who made it into the medical theory. Later on, Galen gave each type a name, and this stands even today. Nowadays, where uniqueness and individuality are cherished and encouraged, this theory seems ridiculous. It puts you in one of the four boxes, and that’s it!

For the fun of it, let’s see what kind of custom made fitted hats would pair up with these temperaments.

Sanguine Temperament

Custom Made Hats - Sanguine

These people tend to be talkative and carefree. They party like there is no tomorrow. Their primary objective is to be accepted socially. The best way to communicate with them is to speak about the things or people they love. Warning! We repeat. They are talkative. Once they start, it’s going to be difficult to stop them. You will become their next best friend, especially if you are imaginative and artistic. On the bad side – they get bored easily. Their changeable spirit does not like patterns and plans. Getting somewhere on time is a serious effort for them. We are not still sure if this is because they are forgetful or bored with the idea.

Choleric Temperament

Custom Made Hats - Choleric

Well, if you were looking for trouble – you found it. If you rub them the wrong way, they tend to burst into flames. The most important thing for them is to get results! They tend to be impulsive because they get bored too easily. In order to change that, they are determined to instill passion or energy in others around them. They love lists and plans, and if they could do everything now, the better. Respect is something they rely on as they tend to be egocentric and not afraid to show that side to others. Born leaders, with so much ambition, can be reached through challenges. They never refuse a good challenge, and they will accept it in order to show off their capacities.

Melancholic Temperament

Custom Made Hats - Melancholic

This would be someone who is in the back of the room. They are not there because they are insecure. No. It’s the best spot. From the corner of the room, he/she can judge others and convince themselves that they made the right choice in seeking solitude. Their primary drive is to do things right! They always have a serious expression, and somewhat tend to talk about sad experiences. Cruelty of the world is an endless subject, where they show of their moodiness and tendencies toward depression. These cold, lone wolfs become sympathetic as soon as they hear a sad story, and then you get to see their caring side.

Phlegmatic Temperament

Custom Made Hats - Phlegmatic

This would be a very quiet person. Patience, tolerance and privacy are some of the most important things in life. How to please others is their primary drive. They don’t make friends easily, but when they do – it’s for life. They may seem like hesitant and insecure, maybe even clumsy. You can awaken their interest just by describing your own thought process in a crazy situation that happened to you. They love the consistency and they enjoy their habits.

Now, when we made a general division, you can see that pieces of your personality can be found in each personality type. A bit of this, and a splash of that. Let’s do what millennials can’t live without – let’s find something more unique and special. Let’s mix them all up and never end this search for the line that will describe you the best on custom made baseball hats.

Custom Made Hats for Sanguine Variations

As we said before, sanguine personality tries really hard to be accepted socially. It’s their primary need.

Sanguine-Choleric blend is very interesting.

While the sanguine side wants to be accepted, the choleric side demands results constantly. These people are confident and they will always try to sell their point of view. In order to stay motivated, they need recognition and freedom. They are very persuasive and strive to do business in a friendly way. Organization and details are not their strong suit. Do you think this design on custom made men’s hats would suit someone who likes to negotiate and sell?


Custom Made Hats for Sanguine

Custom Made Hats for Sanguine: Did Someone Say Scrapbook

Sanguine-Phlegmatic mix has a drive to accommodate others.

Out of all sanguine, they are most relationship oriented. Relationships are everything to them. They can be very stubborn, but they are also very loyal. Strangers tend to seek them out, because they are really good listeners. A realtor would be the perfect line of a job for this personality type. Let’s see if one of our custom made bucket hats would be a perfect fit.


Custom Made Hats for Sanguine

Custom Made Hats for Sanguine: Choose Kindness

Sanguine-Melancholic type always needs to do things right.

These are very creative people and, at the same time, extremely sensitive. For them, we chose one of our custom made hat 90’s style. They are performers. Also, they appreciate their alone time. This gives them time to think, prepare and plan. They do have a fear of failure, which can block them in some ways. But, they also have a vivid imagination that takes them up and far. They are trying hard to make a favorable impression. As for new people, they tend to slowly warm up to them.


Custom Made Hats for Sanguine

Custom Made Hats for Sanguine: Dopeness

Choleric Custom Made Hats Before They get Nervous

How to get results? And fast? Right now, this instant! This is the primary need of the choleric type, and sometimes it’s all that matters. Say hello to Niccolo Machiavelli.

Choleric-Sanguine mixture can be easily annoyed.

The good thing is that it passes quickly. Impatient might be the perfect word to describe them. They see the importance in detail, but they don’t like doing it. It’s like they are born to rule. It’s not hard to imagine them as a head of the company. They would also know best how to motivate the employees. Stuffing their idea down your throat is what they always do. Having power and authority is something they really enjoy. They fight till the end for what is right, but if they lose, they accept defeat. If there is anything in this world they don’t like, it’s weakness. One of our custom made trucker hats is describing this type the best.


Choleric Custom Made Hats

Choleric Custom Made Hats: The Real Boss

Choleric-Phlegmatic type is the unusual one.

Out of all choleric types, this one will actually try to accommodate others! This is the caring boss. He or she yells too, but for the sake of everyone involved. When they do that, they are unemotional. This is how they act when they are attempting to accomplish their goals. They really like telling others what to do. Behind all the words, they stick to their stubbornness. On the other hand, they are also very strong, independent and individualistic. They look like they are not that friendly, because they are not, for sure, animated or talkative. You can spot that from miles away. It’s not hard to imagine your boss in one of these custom made ladies hats. You know all too well how she can be very direct, brief, and blunt.


Choleric Custom Made Hats

Choleric Custom Made Hats: Coffee and Hustle

Choleric-Melancholic blend is someone that you can call ”general”.

I don’t know why this type best describes a dad. That’s why we chose one of these custom made dad hats. But don’t be fooled. Best strategists are women. Either way, these people will plan and push their way through life. They have this primal urge to develop a strategy in order to accomplish their goals. They can confuse you with their directness, but show you that they are sensitive too. If you need a change initiators – you found them. They are problem solvers, and they can give you a solution with the tiniest amount of info.


Choleric Custom Made Hats

Choleric Custom Made Hats: Boss Dad

Custom Made Hats for Melancholic

The primary temperament and goal of a Melancholic is to do the right thing, at all times.

Melancholic-Choleric type is not a smiley type.

If you ever saw a Russian gymnast trainer on a TV – there you have it. They are systematic and precise thinkers. If you are looking for a nanny who is strict and offensive, because your children are impossible – try with this type. They seem abrasive when communicating with others. That’s why we chose one of our custom made winter hats. After all, no one can be so cold… or maybe someone can?! High standards and tendency to be a perfectionist is one of their life mottos. They don’t change easily, and they are insisting on their way.


Custom Made Hats for Melancholic

Custom Made Hats for Melancholic: Dora Milaje Trainee

Melancholic-Sanguine tries really hard to be adapted socially.

This unusual type is the most perfect diplomat. It’s like they are born to avoid tensions and restore unity. They have a natural smile, but they are individuals who will work well with anyone. Having fun is something they do when they feel accepted. They have high personal ambitions, but fail to achieve their dreams because of the fear of failure. They never rush and sometimes tend to be too apologetic. Is one of these custom made fitted hats suitable for this kind of person?


Custom Made Hats for Melancholic

Custom Made Hats for Melancholic: Balanced

Melancholic-Phlegmatic type can be the perfect analyst.

They cautiously plan and analyze everything that happens in their life. Being alone and not socially active is what they prefer. You can call them a house bug or a lone wolf. They might not be neat but they know where everything is in the pile of things. Self sacrificing and self critical nature is embedded in them. They follow procedures and they don’t put pressure on others. It would surprise you, but they can become aggressive in order to restore harmony. They are excellent at anticipating problems and determining the options to solve the problem. Quality is something they really appreciate, but sudden change makes them into a statue. Put one of these custom made trucker hats on them the next time you propose something radical.


Custom Made Hats for Melancholic

Custom Made Hats for Melancholic: Hot Coffee in Periodic

Phlegmatic Custom Made Hats Choices

To please others is what a phlegmatic lives for.

Phlegmatic-Choleric mix is special.

Routines are everything, and they are following it to the word. This type is calm and steady but also blunt, stubborn, and sarcastic. They seem like they are ice cold, and not showing emotions. Intense approach to the task is another thing that describes them! All in all, they are committed to complete the task, and they can do it alone. One of these custom made winter hats will make them seem not that cold.


Phlegmatic Custom Made Hats

Phlegmatic Custom Made Hats: Earth was a Mistake

Phlegmatic-Sanguine is a harmony bringer.

They easily accept others. Loyal is the word that describes them the best. They enjoy spending time with friends and family. If there is a type that likes to learn by doing – it’s them. Show them how, and then leave them alone. They will take on more work without a question, just to please others. Choose one of these custom made baseball hats for this temperament.


Phlegmatic Custom Made Hats

Phlegmatic Custom Made Hats: Let it Bee

Phlegmatic-Melancholic type is a rare jewel.

They are nice, gracious and cordial people, who love their family. Rarely showing emotion, they are also very tolerant and passive about most things. These people are easygoing, and they are never in stress. Persistence is their main weapon. You can’t see an emotion in their work but it’s impossible for them to give up. They prefer routines in their life and work, and limited involvement with people. Let’s see if one of these custom made bucket hats would suit them.


Phlegmatic Custom Made Hats

Phlegmatic Custom Made Hats: Cool Cat

Custom Made Hats for the Fifth Type

If by any chance you are the Fifth type that combines all and you have an equal amount of all for types in you, go with something symbolic and eternal. If Buddha did it – so can you!


Zen Custom Made Hats

Zen Custom Made Hats: Coexist


Zen Custom Made Hats

Zen Custom Made Hats: Hand

What do you think about our picks? Have you found your type? Browse more because on Hatsline you can easily find custom made hats perfect for your personality type. If there isn’t one that would suit your unique personality the most, why don’t you try designing one for yourself today? Your perfect design is just a click away, and it can be on your doorstep in 2 to 3 days. Have fun with our Design Tool and get the perfect present for your loved ones.